Our Life

We maintain a vibrant and active life. Whether you’re a growing family or a student, single or retired, we give you a place to live, grow, and serve as an indispensable member of Christ’s Body.

Small-group life

Gather with believers in your neighborhood for dinner, singing, Bible study, prayer, and daily fellowship. Dad, mom, the kids—everybody’s involved!

Children’s service

Our toddlers and children are very precious to us. That’s why we seek to help the little ones among us develop into young men and women who love Jesus Christ, know the Bible, and seek God’s kingdom first.

The Lord’s supper and teaching

As believers in Christ who love and serve Him, we enjoy the Lord’s supper each Lord’s Day. Following our worship of the Father, we share with one another what we have enjoyed in the Scriptures in an open session of mutual teaching and encouragement.

Spiritual companionship

Prayerful spiritual relationships of two or three believers fuel our Christian life and enable us to be Christ’s witnesses. We value these companionships highly and take every opportunity to encourage,strengthen, and sustain them.

Young people’s gatherings

It’s up to everyone to look after the spiritual development of our next generation. We keep our middle school and high school students’ lives meaningful by providing an atmosphere rich with God’s Word, healthy companionships, and fun activities.

College groups

Want to be a strong young man or woman who’s useful to the Master? Join one of our many family-hosted small groups near your campus and begin a grounded Christian life.

Special events

Whether you’re seven or seventy, we hold retreats, conferences, and special trainings that are designed for your spiritual growth and Christian advance.